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MA : OLIVER LIM HARRIS by Seraphickiss MA : OLIVER LIM HARRIS by Seraphickiss
:iconmargedion-academy: The new and renew

Name:  Oliver Lim Harris
Faction:  Acedia
Nephesh:  daus - Nipple ring (right), daemon - opal gem on chest leather amour Image

Age : 17 years old
Gender : Male 
: 175 cm
Weight:  68 kg 
Nationality: Australian (father is Hong Kongese)

Oliver grown up in a rather wealthy family. He was showered with unconditional love from his parents since young which led to his laid-back and easy-going attitude. Oliver dosen’t think its necessary to learn or do things himself. He grew up with a mindset thinking that whatever he wants will come to him with just a single call to his parents. He also dropped out of school 3 years ago and is now leaving off on his parents money doing what he likes. He never had a chance to socialize much with his parents due to their jobs and now he might not see them again upon waking up in an unknown room after his afternoon nap.

Oliver is an easy-going and laidback person who enjoys the life of the riches, which includes not needing to work hard for what he wants. He does not work well in stressful situations because he would panic and take rash actions. He looks arrogant and unsocial but is actually approachable and very easy to talk too. He is a great listener but not so much of a person who replies back but that dosen't mean he won't provide a shoulder to cry on. His also very passionate when it comes to hobbies that he love.

WeaponDiamond pendulum

Like it’s name, this skill creates a rectangular barrier on the ground that extends to as far as the line that is drawn between the user and the target.  It is performed by extending the index and middle fingers into a halberd shape and drawing a line. Example

    ·         Unlike normal barriers, borderline's barriers are very fixed in shape in a rectangular shape.(The barrier is mainly act as a wall.)
Depending on how far the user drew the line on the ground, it determines the height and width of the rectangular shield.
(a shorter line drew creates a shorter/smaller rectangular barrier)

    ·         Once activated, a barrier can last for 8 minutes in the field
However, it heavily depends on the user's concentration. A slight miss of concentration will shorten the time of the barrier and its strength. Impact/damage on the barrier has a pain link towards the users mind

    ·         A normal borderline barrier can withstand an impact of a SUV

    ·         The barrier is immobilized which means it need to be planned perfectly where to place it


barrier is very fixed and immobilized making it require perfect planning before activating it
-skill affect teammates too
- requires user's full concentration to keep it activated - a single sway will bring the barriers effectiveness down
-every damage done to the barrier will bring equivalent pain mentally to the user making it harder to retain it on the field
-maximum of 2 barriers on the field
-barrier cannot be created in mid-air must be on solid ground 
-easily exhaust the user as it require strong mental forte

a bad team player and not leader material
-he could be stubborn and hard to deal with
-he works depending on his mood
-does not take people's advise or warnings seriously
-stressful situation will bring him into a panic attack
-not a risk taker

instant/quick casting for a quick, emergency defense
-barrier could withstand strong physical attacks making it a good supporter for the frontlines
- his laid-back attitude helps him to ignore his surrounding and fully concentrate on maintain the barrier on ground
(except someone stresses him out and loses his focus)
- has good agile and flexibility to avoid incoming attacks
-can perform long-range attack with his diamond pendulum

personality :
he easily forgives
he has a strong will and no one can change his mindset
-passionate on his hobbies and things he likes to do
-he easily swallow up any pain or failures and move on
-he care for those he love but he will show it with action instead of words
-he can process plans easily to escape sticky situations

-he likes tattoos and piercings
-he has a full scale tattoo n his back 
-he has a sweet tooth 
-secretly likes fluffy animals

Terms of Agreement:

I hereby agree that my character is an active part of the story and will accept any changes that will happen to her given that said changes were objectively designated by the admins

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